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Looking for something fun to do? Do you know there are thousands of factories that offer guided tours? I found three links I think you might find interesting . By doing a simple Google search you can find factory tours throughout the world.

1. The first sight is the Travel + Leisure blog site. It takes you inside several different factory tours ranging from the Harley Davidson factory to a perfume factory and to the Anchor Brewing company in San Francisco. They are cool!

World’s Coolest Factory Tours – Articles – Travel + Leisure.

2. This second link is a guide to factory tours inspired by the book Watch it Made in the USA. The site has videos, a blog and of course… you can also buy the the book.

Click here to visit Watch it Made in the USA.

3. This final site is a non-profit site listing 552 places in the USA you can go on a factory tour. Click here to find one year you.

And when you visit one these sites, don’t forget to ask for a Listen Tour Group System. When you use a system like this, the tour leader wears a wireless microphone that transmits his/her voice to an earphone that you wear during the tour. It makes the tour a lot more enjoyable because you hear everything the tour leader has to say and you can stray away a bit from the main group and still hear what’s being said. This is where the Listen slogan comes from…
Don’t miss a single sound.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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