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This week we’re looking at the role of data in tour bus audio systems. With data analytics being the number one feature request by sightseeing operators globally, do you have access to the passenger information you need?

If you’re a sightseeing operator managing a fleet of buses, you want to know your customers’ language trends.

Are you increasing foreign language ridership? Are there meaningful patterns in the data? What are the potential market opportunities?

These are important questions; often without the answers, you need.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Sightseeing operators rely on tour bus audio systems to service foreign language markets. But most sightseeing companies don’t know who’s listening. As management thinker Peter Drucker has often said, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

When speaking with sightseeing companies using tour bus audio systems, we found the biggest problem they face is they don’t have access to passenger data, and those that do, have limited results because the data is either hard to get or isn’t good enough to make meaningful decisions.

Some operators try to track foreign language ticket sales at the point of purchase. However, this is nearly impossible. You can’t ask a visitor if he speaks Mandarin, while a long line up of people are waiting behind him.

Front-end staff aren’t equipped to track customer demographics. During peak tourism season, making transactions effortless is your staff’s main focus. Not surveying guests on their language preference.

That’s why we created a clear pathway to access timely information about your passengers.

Gain New Insights and Meaningful Passenger Data

Companies like yours are increasingly under competitive pressure to acquire new customers and develop world-class tourism experiences. You need an edge.

Introducing TrueTime Passenger Analytics.

TrueTime Passenger Analytics is a cloud-based software program that centralizes your passenger data and feeds it to an analytics dashboard for your tours and routes. Its industry-first real-time logs provide information on who is listening, to what, and when. Using an intuitive web interface, you can answer questions like:

  • Where do we invest our sales and marketing dollars to capture a larger share of the market?
  • If we service the majority of Spanish visitors between 10 am and 2 pm, what incentives can we put in place to attract Spanish visitors later in the day?
  • What stories are our visitors’ hearing?
  • What passenger trends can we identify?

Growth and expansion are two big goals you have. We know because the majority of the CEOs we talk to tell us this is their top priority.

Companies Using Analytics Gain Competitive Edge

The MIT Sloan Management Review released a report that shows 67 percent of companies report gaining a competitive edge by using analytics.

Thanks to the advancements we’ve made in cloud-based services, collecting and presenting meaningful passenger data is now possible. And companies that harness digital insights are expected to increase revenue from $333 billion in 2015 to $1.2 Trillion by 2020.

It’s a fact. Data supported decisions outperform “old wisdom.” With the introduction of TrueTime Passenger Analytics with Navilution Evo, our tour bus audio systems are designed to give you peace of mind when making sales and marketing decisions.

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