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Having a theatrical experience on your walking tour is even easier to create. But having excellent tour guides is just half the battle – you need to provide great audio as well. Kingston Trolley Tours have set out to create a successful walking tour company by investing in the customer experience. Guides use a tour guide microphone and headsets to deliver live guided narration, music and sound effects in a new Winter tourism experience.

Unveiled in Kingston, Ontario, the new Winter walking tour includes stores along the waterfront, the role of the market square in a colonial city, and Kingston’s iconic City Hall.

Locations Reveal Hidden Stories

Tour guides reveal a peek into the daily life of a 19th-century Kingstonian and highlight the Great Fire of 1840, which destroyed much of the downtown. Contrasting colonial life with our modern comforts, the sightseeing experience ends with an interior tour of City Hall, a nationally designated heritage site.

“Walking tours provide a unique opportunity for us to focus on aspects of our city’s vibrant history,” says Brian LeClair, from Kingston Trolley Tours. “Our trolley tours are an excellent way to provide an overview of this history, but we saw the development of the walking tour as a chance to tell some particular and engaging stories while standing on the spots these stories took place.”

How Cinematic Tours Make You Feel Like You’re Really There

Live guides share stories choreographed to pre-recorded audio, using a tour guide microphone and headsets connected to a mobile phone. The mobile phone is the media player, which plays audio, (music and sound effects), to enhance tours for visitors.

Blending live narration with a soundtrack places guests into dramatic storylines that make you feel like you’re at the center of an unfolding cinematic experience.

LeClair says “Outdoor tours in a city core can be a challenge at any time of year. The Tour Guide system puts us right into the ears of our guests, creating a very personal listening experience. Instead of shouting out at a group we get to tell our tales with all the nuances that proper storytelling requires. To add to this, we’re able to inject audio and sound effects into our tours, helping to engage our guests while bringing our stories to life.”

A Tour Guide Microphone and Headsets Improves Tours

We help tour guides knock out unwanted noise, significantly improving the visitor experience. With tour operators seeking excellent reviews online, this is a critical issue for most businesses. One of our recent customers, a tour operator, was struggling with how to eliminate noise from their busy downtown. We helped them achieve 5-star reviews consistently. Plus, they’re saving time on every tour with larger group sizes.

If you’re trying to solve problems like noise and small group sizes, try our tour guide microphone and headsets. We’re confident you’ll enhance your tours and provide better visitor experiences. Click here to Request a Demo Tour Guide Solution.

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