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HearMe tour guide system headsets offer wireless group tours an entirely new sensory experience. If you’re providing tour guide narration, have you considered the opportunity to complete the experience with sound? Now you can.

Tour guides are providing live narration and pre-recorded audio simultaneously, creating better, more engaging tours. Organizations are eliminating unwanted noise, increasing tour group sizes and providing the next level of brand experience by controlling their messages.

Here are some companies that provide tour guide led narration (live) supported by pre-recorded professional narration, music and sound effects to deliver superior visitor experiences.

Tour Guide System Headsets Provide Complete Experience

Using the “Auxilliary In” feature, Standard Process provides pre-recorded professional narration at manufacturing stops during their plant tours. Tour guides deliver professionally recorded audio to their tour groups, ensuring their science and manufacturing messages are communicated clearly and consistently. Messages are on point for tour groups of all sizes, supporting their brand attributes by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Walking tour companies Wall Street Walks and Kingston Walks use the Auxilliary in feature for pre-recorded cinematic soundscapes. Audio vignettes (music and sound effects) are choreographed with engaging stories told by tour guides at Points of Interest along their routes. By creating the sound behind the voice, tour groups experience sonic surroundings, drawing listeners into their dramatic and engaging narratives.

Genteel & Bard includes multimedia (audio and video from iPads) on walking tours, bringing people closer to the historical events that shaped history. It’s like a guided documentary of Savannah’s historic neighbourhoods. Pre-recorded narration, video and audio supplement the experience for a unique, one of a kind, consistently rated five-star experience.

And HYVÄ Nordic Walking increases group participation and fitness performance by providing music as the backdrop to trainer led Nordic walks through Central Park, cutting out all of the street and environmental noise of New York City.

To support these fun, forward-thinking organizations around the world we’ve introduced a new line of headsets that helps to create even better sound experiences for your visitors at very affordable prices.

Contact us by filling in our web form to learn more about tour guide system headsets, listening accessories and how we can help. Be the next innovator in your market by introducing sound to your tour guide experience. Call us at +1 613 507-1300 to learn more. We’ll even connect you to the companies making a difference in tourism every day.

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