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A group tour is a popular way for companies and other organizations to impress customers, public relations professionals, vendors, associates, and new employees. When a tour has to be conducted in a noisy environment or the tour group is quite large, it is difficult for the tour guide to communicate clearly to all participants. Shouting or using a megaphone can result in distractions to workers, and can fatigue both the guide and the guests. With a Listen tour group system, guides can communicate comfortably, guests can clearly hear the presentation, and distraction to workers is reduced.
Toyota Industrial in Columbus, Indiana, is now using Listen’s tour group systems for tours within their facility. Each tour is set up so that the tour guide uses a Listen portable transmitter. This transmitter can be clipped to the guide’s belt or placed in a pocket while the microphone is secured to their ear or head, depending on the microphone used. The tour guide doesn’t have to speak loudly because guests hear the guide’s presentation through because guests hear the guide’s presentation via personal FM receivers and earphones. The guests can adjust volume as desired and can be as far as 150 feet away from the guide while clearly hearing the message or instructions.
The Toyota plant uses Listen ear speakers, which securely hang over the top of one ear. This allows guests to hear environmental sounds and comments from other guests. However, if your environment is particularly noisy, you may choose to use headphones that cover both ears.
Toyota Industrial bought their Listen system to expand upon an existing system. Listen is 100% compatible with most 72-76 MHz FM assistive listening systems, and in several cases, will improve the sound quality of the system.
Toyota Industrial has two tour systems. With Listen’s 57 channel accessibility, the facility is able to conduct up to six tours at once without transmission interference from one tour to the other because channels can be set up at frequencies far from each other to avoid interference. Listen receivers can be used on one tour or divided among two or more tours. Channel selection or adjustment is simple and fast using UP and DOWN buttons, which can be electronically locked to prevent users from changing channels.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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