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The benefits of language interpretation are manifold. Many people confuse language interpretation and language translation. Language interpretation describes the vocal conversion from the source text (the original language to be interpreted) to the target language (the product of interpretation). Language translation is more literary, where books and published works are rendered from one language to a next. Interpretation is not confined to verbal language; sign language is also considered a brand of language interpretation.

Two main branches of interpretation exist: simultaneous interpretation (speaker and interpreter speaks at the same time) and consecutive interpretation (speaker communicates first and interpreter responds with interpretation).
Understanding is the primary benefit of language interpretation. If a person is not able to speak more than one language, having an interpreter to make sense out of the unknown can be uplifting. Bridging linguistic gaps typically is the ultimate goal of language interpretation. Conveying messages through interpretation is critical in that the message must be verbalized and articulated in such a way that the other party can comprehend it.

Wider Social Network


A broader social and business network is another asset in language interpretation. Whether for a conference, summit or social gathering, the network automatically becomes larger with an interpreter to facilitate crossing the boundaries of language. Professional interpreters are most times found at international organizations such as the United Nations (U.N.) or in more informal interpretation situations, such as when working as a tour guide.
Travel Opportunity

Language interpretation can provide exponential potential for traveling the world. With language interpretation abilities, geographic restrictions fade for travelers when communication with a people who speak a different language is made possible. Whether for leisure or pleasure, educational or career reasons, language interpretation can help the interpreter to see new places and people.
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