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The consultant toolbox on www.listentech.com is found under the “Consultants” menu option in the top navigation. The page features an easy way to search for architectural and engineering specifications for integrated technology design engineers to specify Listen Technologies assistive listening systems.

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One of the core values at Listen Technologies is to deliver an awesome experience. Listen genuinely appreciates your business, the relationship, and your time. Individual end-users deserve superior customer service, and Listen-outfitted venues deserve it, as do Listen dealers. Continually striving to provide technical, sales, and service support is all part of the commitment to an awesome experience. Additionally, the Listen website is an extension of the customer service mission of delivering an awesome experience.  

Accordingly, there’s an entire Listen team constantly working to provide relevant, accurate, and up-to-date content here on listentech.com. When you view any Listen product webpage, you’ll find full product descriptions, specifications, high-resolution images, FAQs, and links to accessories, quick-start guides, manuals, and tech notes. If you are interested in Listen products, Listen is interested in getting you the information you want and need. The ‘Support’ section of the website provides direct avenues of communication with the Listen team: telephone, email, and chat. Choose the means that works best for you. That’s genuine, live human chat, by the way.

Consultant Toolbox Content

Listen has even dedicated part of listentech.com to another segment of Listen “customers”: audio-visual and integrated technology design engineers, or consultants. In a nutshell, these are the folks who design complete A/V systems. From concept to system commissioning, they make their living delivering finished, full-function designs of integrated systems that accommodate the technology requirements of a given project. Equipment from different manufacturers, wired and wireless interfaces, how it’s all controlled and programmed, making sure it all works together… that’s just the beginning. Ultimately, it all winds up as a written specification narrative, complete with highly accurate digital technical drawings, and specific product documentation.  

The needs of design engineers can sometimes differ from a new Listen customer or an existing Listen user. Basically, when a consultant determines the equipment or systems to include in a project, they consequently want and need a highly efficient path to access the exact information and documentation needed to complete and complement their finished design. As a result, here’s one of the ways listentech.com strives to provide superior customer service to the A/V engineering community… the Consultant Toolbox.

The Consultants Menu Option

Right there on the top ribbon of the Listen website is a ‘Consultants’ tab.  Click that menu option and land in the Consultant Toolbox. Included there is everything an engineer needs to specify a Listen Technologies system. Quickly find exactly what is needed by selecting the product line and asset type to filter the available documents.

Check the box for any or all of the product lines and it displays a list of direct links. You can also do likewise with the listed Types of resources. Links to specific Architectural & Engineering Specifications, Data Sheets, Manuals, Tech Notes, and CAD Files. The Software option provides access to available product software and firmware. And the Tool option brings up nifty calculators and even Listen-specific EASE software. Sort how the results are displayed by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the Title, SKU, and Type headers. 

Direct.  Fast.  Efficient.

Listen Technologies Accessibility Calculator

Another useful tool on the consultant toolbox page is the link to the Listen Technologies Assistive Listening Accessibility Calculator right below the search capability.  Use the Assistive Listening Accessibility Calculator to determine the regulatory equipment minimums required to meet the latest compliance guidelines for the USA (default), California, or Australia. (Yes, California is in the USA, but compliance is also determined by the California building code, rather than just the ADA). With this purpose in mind, enter the venue’s seating capacity and the calculator immediately displays the minimum quantities of assistive listening devices (i.e., receivers) and neck loops required to be in full compliance. Explore. Enjoy.

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