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Not since the invention of the walkie-talkie in the 1930s has group communication been as simple to enjoy and deploy as ListenTALK.

ListenTALK stands a head above the rest of the hand-held, one- and two-way group communication systems (yes, it can be both). First of all, it’s simple to set up — either pair groups in the docking station or with a tap. After that, using the system is a cinch. With a push of a button, the group leader and members can communicate easily with each other. Plus, it’s lightweight and connects with a lanyard or clip.

Here are more reasons we love ListenTALK:

Crystal-clear Sound

The ListenTALK system uses 1.9 GHz frequency to reduce interference, so you won’t cut out or have static interrupting your audio. It also has a sensitive internal mic, which means you don’t even have to hold it up to your mouth. When you combine the right frequency with the best internal mic, you get crystal-clear audio for everyone.

It’s Secure

If you’re worried about privacy in a communication system, ListenTALK has your back. It’s encrypted to ensure security.

Group Size Doesn’t Matter

ListenTALK works perfectly, delivering high-quality, crystal-clear audio, no matter how big your group is or where it is. That means you could be in a group of five or 50, in a quiet museum or wandering around a campus of 30,000 students. The only limit is how many ListenTALK receivers you own. It can even have up to 10 simultaneous groups operating in the same space.

It’s Compliant

Are you worried about ADA and IBC requirements? Well, ListenTALK checks all those boxes, too. Unlike other compliant systems, users don’t need cochlear implants, hearing aids or other specialized equipment to use it. Plus, not only does it meet ADA and IBC rules—it’s inclusive for everyone, whether they have hearing loss or perfect hearing.

You’ve Got Choices

Do you want a communication system that has two-way communication functionality? Or is one-way communication more critical? ListenTALK has both options. With our combination transceiver/receivers, you’ll have the choice of one-way or two-way communication. Or you can choose our more affordable receiver-only units, for one-way communication.

Then there’s the choice of how to listen. You can use our headsets, provide your own, use noise-canceling headphones, or have your guests bring their own earbuds.

It’s Fun and Easy to Use

Maybe we’re biased, but ListenTALK is cool tech that’s fun to use. How many other group communication systems can you connect by tapping them together? You can personalize ListenTALK units with a specialty lanyard, and guests can choose how they look when using them by providing their own earbuds. Once you experience the cool tech of ListenTALK, you’ll never want to touch a walkie-talkie or other group communication system again.

No other group communication system compares to ListenTALK. This cool tech provides crystal-clear, secure sound to any group. Plus, it’s ADA and IBC compliant and gives you and your group members the choice of how to listen.

Are you ready to try ListenTALK? Call us now at (888) 296-1623 or request a demo.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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