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Auracast™: Enhancing the Listening Experience for All

Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) provide a necessary service, daily, to millions of users. Several ALS technologies are available and in-use worldwide, including Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), Wi-Fi, and induction loop.  These platforms offer essential solutions for those with hearing loss, providing vital connectivity and inclusivity, while also meeting regulatory compliance.  Assistive Listening technologies also facilitate language interpretation and other audio applications.  What type of system to employ is determined by a few factors, and each technology has its advantages and best use applications.  

Now, with the advent of Auracast™ broadcast audio, an entirely new and innovative technology is available with the potential to provide standardized universal hearing assistance directly to users’ personal Auracast-compatible listening devices, such as earbuds, earphones, hearing aids, and cochlear implants.  Many industry experts foresee Auracast™ broadcast audio offering the most direct, and accessible, path to hearing assistance, language interpretation, and exhibit description, becoming a true global standard.

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Of course, it will take time for manufacturers, venues, and users to adopt and deploy Auracast™ on a broad scale.  There are a few products available now, with more new products coming at an ever-increasing pace.  In fact, Listen Technologies and Ampetronic have partnered to develop an Auracast™ based assistive listening system scheduled for release this year: Auri™.  The first complete installed ALS solution, Auri lets venues and end-users adopt Auracast™ broadcast audio technology now, while serving the growth of Auracast™ users and products in the future. 


There will be a period of transition as manufacturers, venues, and users develop and implement Auracast™ broadcast audio.  Existing ALS platforms will continue to provide their valuable service, yet many venues have expressed a desire to be early Auracast™ adopters.  It is not expected that Auracast™ will necessarily replace any in-use ALS in the immediate future but, rather, that there will be a migration to this new technology.  This transition has prompted concerns about the ability of different and separate assistive listening systems to coexist.  So, what impact will Auracast™ broadcast audio have on existing ALS technologies and systems? 


The good news is that Auracast™ broadcast audio can coexist with any ALS system currently in use, be it RF, IR, Loop, or Wi-Fi.  In fact, barring anomaly, any venue, anywhere, using one or more of the aforementioned ALS platforms, can add Auracast™ to complement their existing system.   Indeed, we may see venues operating multiple concurrent ALS platforms depending on their users’ preferences or available equipment. 

Rest assured, Auracast™ broadcast audio will work alongside your current ALS, as we foresee it.  Or, as we 4C it:





-Written by Larry Lauzon

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