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Live Captions – Now Available on Your Smartphone

Enable Live Captions on Your Phone for Captioning in Listen EVERYWHERE Live captions are now available on your smartphone. Captions are spoken dialogue turned into text and displayed in either real time like at a live event, or for recorded programming where the captioning is added after being recorded. There is real-time captioning that is machine generated and Communication Access Realtime…

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New Loud speaker toggle feature in Listen Everywhere app

Latest Updates to Listen EVERYWHERE

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best experience, we’ve made new updates to Listen EVERYWHERE, our audio over Wi-Fi streaming system. Introducing Loudspeaker Toggle For more privacy and less distraction when you don’t have earbuds or headphones, now you can listen to the streamed audio by holding the phone against your ear, just like a phone call!…

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Sample Website Text for Assistive Listening Devices

Promoting Accessibility and Inclusion Why add text to your website for assistive listening devices? Inclusion isn’t just a buzzword. Today, more than ever, consumers want to do business with inclusive businesses that mirror their values. Add the availability of assistive listening and other accommodations you provide to your website to promote your accessibility and inclusion. Use the sample website text…

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