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Listen Technologies two-story brick and stucco, brown and white Bluffdale office building at night, with an empty parking lot, the lights on inside, and a dark sky.

2021 Year In Review: Listen Leaders Reflect

Coming out of 2020, it’s easy to say that we all had pretty high expectations for 2021. It had to be better, right? Now, at the close of 2021, how did it all pan out? We asked Listen leadership to weigh in with their thoughts about this mixed bag of a year and here’s what they had to say about…

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Walnut Street Baptist Church Facilitates Community and Connection with ListenRF

Walnut Street parishioners love the new ListenRF 72 MHz system for its crystal clear audio, the small and simple receivers, and the way it’s allowing them to connect with their family and community. The use of the system for interpretation means that grandparents, parents, and children can attend church services together in their community and all hear the same message – without language being a barrier to their connection.

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Assisted Listening Compliance: Top 5 Reasons to Comply with the ADA

Are you responsible for meeting the compliance requirements for assisted listening systems (also known as assistive listening systems) at your facility? If so, you may want to pay close attention. Assisted listening systems are easy to  may seem like an overwhelming task, it’s critically important for several reasons. Here are the top five reasons why it’s important to comply with…

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Group of students listening to one women speaking to the group.

Communication and Hearing Loss

One of the biggest components of good communication is understanding. If either participant in a conversation isn’t fully understood, then good communication isn’t happening. Making certain that both participants are being heard clearly is particularly important when hearing loss is a concern.

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Networking Is Vital to Success in Business

A wise man once told me, “our industry is too small to make enemies.” His statement was true then, and it’s still right today. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve done the opposite of making enemies and instead have networked and made friends around the world, from distributors to competing manufacturers to customers—even if they’re customers of a competitor….

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Halvard Eriksen smiling, standing outdoors in a beautiful landscape with clouds and mossy grass, with a green coat on, a heavy backpack, and his hunting rifle

Halvard T. Eriksen, Age 52, Married, Bad Knees, and Worsening Hearing Loss

Post 3 of 3 (Read Halvard’s first and second posts) In this final post in a series from a Listen channel partner, Halvard Eriksen describes life with hearing aids and using audio-over-Wi-Fi technology. My New Hearing Aids In May, I received my small Phonak Paradise hearing aid devices.  With today’s advanced technology, the devices automatically change listening modes based on…

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Portion of a smartphone with the Listen EVERYWHERE app with ear buds plugged into the phone

NEW Updates for Listen EVERYWHERE

As part of our commitment to provide the best listening experience for everyone, Listen Technologies is excited to announce NEW updates to Listen EVERYWHERE!     What’s New with Listen EVERYWHERE? We’ve updated cloud services, the mobile apps, and there’s a new update available for your server’s firmware. Cloud Services Updates to Better user experience Updated branding The Mobile…

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