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Manufacturing plant

The Power of Standardizing Equipment Across Facilities

“No matter the challenge, solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum.” – The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standardization is often the underappreciated key to the success of many of today’s most inventive companies. Although headlines emphasize the brave steps forward that resulted in brilliant innovations, we sometimes forget what happens next. How a company implements an innovation is what actually…

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Tour Guide pointing on a tour through the streets of Italy

The Benefits of a Portable Communication System

Taking Complications Out of Communication Try to recall the last time you were a member of an audience. It could be a tour, a conference, or a gathering. Do you remember the sounds of the group, the occasional cough, the shuffle of people moving, and the person next you whispering to ask what the leader just said?

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Construction employee holding on to his ear protection

Introduction to OSHA Noise Regulations

Key Points OSHA’s Hearing Conservation Program was developed with a focus on preventing hearing loss from occurring. A variety of tools can be used to prevent hearing loss and meet OSHA compliance. It’s important to select the best solution based on the problem. Although the costs of compliance can be high, both employees and the company benefit from hearing conservation…

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Three friends on a bus tour admiring the sights

Write Out Loud: Finding Your Voice as an Audio Tour Writer

When I wrote my first audio tour, I thought my words sounded clear and compelling on the page. But when I heard the finished production, I felt like an amateur. The tour sounded stiff, confusing, and frankly, boring. That’s because I’d forgotten what I was writing: not an essay, but a script for professional voice talents to read into a…

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Couple on boat tour listening to audio through smartphone

Building an Inclusive Experience in a Digital Travel World

“We’ve become a generation of autonomous travelers who plan, book and manage our travel all on that single device, who find trip inspiration using a single photo, and who research destinations using our voices.” – Digital Mobile Travel Trends 2019 Report Technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and the impending deployment of 5G networks will only intensify this evolution,…

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Warehouse manager counting inventory on a tablet

Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Tour System

Key Points ● Wireless tour guide systems can greatly increase the effectiveness of your tours● All tour guide systems will have their own unique features and benefits● Factors such as your tour/facility environment and the size of your groups will play a role in determining which system is right for you.

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Industrial design team in a meeting.

How to Compare Tour Guide Systems

Key Points Tour Guide Systems enhance the communication between speakers and their listeners, but not every solution is the same. Ask providers good questions to narrow down the communication tools that will best meet your needs. Take note of environmental factors impacting your communication to select a tour guide system that performs most effectively in those areas. Ensure the providers…

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Construction employee holding on to his ear protection

How Tour Guide Systems Solve Noise Level Challenges

Key Points Noise-level concerns are a major barrier to group communication in sound sensitive environments. Tour guide systems are designed to effectively foster communication in areas where there’s plenty of noise, and environments where quiet must be maintained. Adopting a tour guide system requires a brief transition period, but the results that follow are more than worth the effort.

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