Campus Tours to Impress the Parents

It’s that time of year again—crunchy leaves, clean and creased new clothes, empty notebooks and eager minds. College campuses seemingly light up come September with the bustling of new students and tours filled with next years’ freshmen.

ListenTALK is the right tool to impress everyone on a campus tour—including parents.

Often, parents will sit in the back on a campus tour so their children can hear the guide, best see the sights and get the information they need to make a decision. However, parents need those details too. After all, in most cases, they’re the ones footing the bill.

ListenTALK is a high-quality, high-tech group communication system that delivers crystal-clear audio to your audience. ListenTALK facilitates communication between parents and campus tour leaders, giving them the information they need to help their children choose a college.

All you need to do to get started is pair the units via the docking station or with a tap. Your group can attach the units to their belts or bags with a clip, or wear around their necks with a lanyard. Then parents (and their kids) can choose how they listen and communicate—with their own earbuds or a headset provided by you.

Here are more reasons you need it (and why parents will love it)

  • Ensures everyone on the tour can hear
  • ADA and IBC compliant
  • Excellent range, with 1.9 GHz to reduce interference
  • Encrypted to ensure privacy
  • Wireless and completely portable
  • Hands-free functionality
  • Simple push-to-talk communication between the tour leader and guests

ListenTALK provides seamless group communication that’s ideal for campus tour groups. It facilitates communication with high-quality audio so that parents and prospective students get the information they need to make a college decision.

Are you ready to impress parents? Call us today at (888) 296-1623, or check us out at

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