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When legendary football player Robert Lewandowski and his business partners decided to open a sports bar in Warsaw, Poland, their goal was to create a space where guests could watch and hear sporting events on multiple screens from anywhere in the restaurant and bar. NINE9s (named after Lewandowski’s player number) is a spacious four-story venue with a restaurant, sports bars, and large event spaces featuring multiple screens, real stands, and decorated with memorabilia from famous athletes. Wi-Fi Audio Streaming at sports bar

Large bar area with the words, Be Fair Play Hard on the back of the bar. Large TV screens are hung above the bar with football games on the screens. Guests can connect to the Wi-Fi Audio Streaming at the Nines sports bar.

The Ultimate Fan Experience

NINE9s aims to provide the ultimate fan experience. To help bring their vision of building the greatest sports bar to life, the co-owners sought help from ESS Audio, a distributor in Poland that planned and delivered the AV installation at NINE9s.

Men's room with dark large tiles, a urinal, and television screens mounted in the wall. Guests can get Wi-Fi Audio Streaming at sports bar restroom.

“Our AV partner, with our support, delivered all the AV, audio, LCD, and LED screens to the venue, to make sure the guests and the owners get the absolute best sporting experience in a sports bar. You can watch and listen to your favourite sports channel when you eat in the restaurant, have drinks in the bar, or even when you visit the restroom so you don’t miss a second of the match,” said Witold Karalow, CEO of ESS Audio.

The Wi-Fi Audio Streaming Solution for Sports Bars and More – Listen EVERYWHERE

To ensure guests could hear the audio clearly from any of the screens in the space regardless of where they are located, ESS Audio suggested Listen EVERYWHERE, an audio over Wi-Fi solution from Listen Technologies.

Listen EVERYWHERE is a simple and cost-effective solution for audio streaming for silent screens. It helps people hear clearly in any listening environment. Listen EVERYWHERE works on a venue’s existing wireless network and lets guests use their smartphones and smart devices as receivers for the assistive listening system.

Guests download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on their smartphones. Then they select their preferred audio channel, and stream sound to their smartphones. They can listen to the audio through headphones or earbuds connected to their smartphone. They can also stream sound from their smartphones to Bluetooth-enabled headphones or hearing aids concurrently.

This means when the sports bar is showing different Champions League matches on different screens in the same space. Guests can stream the Wi-Fi audio and hear the action clearly despite nearby conversations and ambient noise or distance from the screen.

The Difference of Quality Audio over Wi-Fi

To deliver the personalized audio experience our customer envisioned for its guests, we selected Listen EVERYWHERE. We knew the system would consistently provide clear audio directly to guests, regardless of where they are in the venue,” added Karalow. “With Listen EVERYWHERE, guests can easily find, select, and change channels to hear audio from their preferred screen and immerse themselves in the action. As an integrator, I’m confident recommending and installing Listen Technologies systems because I know the quality of their products is exceptional.”

The Wi-Fi audio streaming, Listen EVERYWHERE app is fully customizable. Sports bars and other venues can promote events and special offers and thereby capitalize on the opportunity to get more out of their digital signage and provide an engaging and more personalized experience to every guest.

Restaurant and bar area with chandelier lighting, table and chairs seating, and a bar with blue high stools. Guests can tune into the Wi-Fi Audio Streaming at this sports bar.

“Sports Temple NINE9s owners considered every detail of the space and designed it with the goal of providing guests the ultimate fan experience,” said Sam Nord, vice president, global channel sales. “We are thrilled Sports Temple NINE9s selected our audio over Wi-Fi solution to stream game audio to guests and deliver personalized content via their smart devices.”

Graphic showing front and back of the 2-channel server with Dante audio input on the rear panel
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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