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Listen EVERYWHERE vs. ListenWIFI: What's the Difference?

Listen Technologies has launched the latest generation of its audio-over-Wi-FI solution, now rebranded as ListenWIFI. This innovative product line introduces a new name and enhances the user experience with features like beacons and dedicated receivers. ListenWIFI replaces the previous version, Listen EVERYWHERE. Let’s dive into what sets them apart. 

ListenWIFI from Listen Technologies is an advanced audio-over-Wi-Fi solution that elevates venue audio experiences. This system allows guests to use their smartphones or venue-provided LWR-1050 Receivers. It features streamlined audio access with multi-language and channel selection options, ensuring compliance with the ADA/CBC and global accessibility standards. 

The new ListenWIFI features upgraded hardware, including the LWR-1050 Receivers, the LA-490 Beacons, and the multi-channel servers (ranging from 2-16 channels), capable of simultaneously managing up to 500 devices per server. Enhanced software features like emergency override capabilities ensure important announcements are never missed. 

The LWR-1050 Receiver offers flexible audio delivery, allowing venues to customize channels and languages for a seamless listening experience. Guests turn on their device or receiver and switch between channels or languages. Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the California Building Code (CBC), and international standards, the LWR-1050 delivers high-quality digital audio with exceptionally low latency, making ListenWIFI a leading global solution for assistive listening. 

Our patented ListenWIFI servers are designed for scalability and seamless integration with existing networks. They support up to 500 devices, including dedicated receivers and BYOD users, and feature emergency override capabilities for critical announcements. Available in various channel configurations or with Dante audio networking, these servers are fully customizable through our new ListenWIFI Management Software. This upgrade replaces the previous Listen EVERYWHERE cloud-based system, allowing for a streamlined configuration of all ListenWIFI components. 

ListenWIFI’s Manager Software simplifies the management and programming of your audio system. Effortlessly track inventory, hide or secure audio channels with passwords, or create custom QR codes for easy smartphone access. This versatile software also handles channel settings for servers, receivers, the fully customizable ListenWIFI app, and the new LA-490 beacon. With a variety of customization options, it enhances the user experience, allowing guests to enjoy a seamless and immersive audio experience. 

The new LA-490 Beacon can be set up to effortlessly connect LWR-1050 Receivers and smartphones to the appropriate audio channel within a designated range. Utilizing Bluetooth® for smartphones and infrared for receivers, it directs devices to the correct broadcast channel. Configure the distance (or range) the audio is received with the ListenWIFI Manager Software. Easily powered by a USB connection or standard AA batteries, the LA-490 makes tuning into the right channel straightforward and efficient. 

The new ListenWIFI app is fully customizable to enhance your brand and improve guest engagement. Easily managed through the ListenWIFI Manager, this free app allows you to tailor colors, text, promotional banners, channel names, and add welcome ads or videos. Secure access to the channels by setting up password-protected private channels and enjoy an intuitive interface where users can set language preferences and scan QR codes directly. Existing Listen EVERYWHERE app users will automatically upgrade to this enriched ListenWIFI experience. 

The existing Listen EVERYWHERE system delivers wireless audio and customized content directly to smartphones, enhancing accessibility and audience engagement in venues. Our continuous innovation, driven by market demand, has led to the creation of ListenWIFI. This advanced system addresses past limitations with features like triggered audio via LA-490 beacons, ADA/CBC-compliant LWR-1050 receivers, and a free, customizable app – without monthly fees. Everything is efficiently managed through the ListenWIFI Software Manager, providing a seamless and compliant audio solution. 

ListenWIFI offers a customizable, intuitive solution perfect for various venues and applications. Affordable and simple to install and maintain, guests can use their smartphone or the compliant LWR-1050 receiver. Featuring the industry’s top low-latency audio streaming and multi-channel support, ListenWIFI meets diverse needs, making it ideal for venues of all types.

Contact us to find a system tailored to your specific requirements. 

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