Import Listen Data Easily

infocomm-ezip-formatListen Technologies Corporation offers our reseller pricing in many formats; PDF, Excel and   the InfoComm EZip format. If you’re not familiar with what EZip is, it’s a format that was created by the manufactures and dealer volunteers of InfoComm

InfoComm led the charge of creating an industry driven standard format for product data after hearing from the resellers how frustrating it is to import a manufacture’s price list into their automated systems. Each manufacture was formatting their pricing and other data all a little bit differently. 

EZip is simply an Excel pricing format and the volunteers of InfoComm determined the most effective common language to capture pricing and data information. Most companies do offer pricing in Excel format, however manufactures have no standard with regard to the Excel pricing columns making an automatic import of data into a resellers system a major challenge. 

A consensus between the InfoComm committee volunteers for the manufactures and integrators was outlined. This included which items in an excel price book were “must haves” and which information on a price book were “nice to have.” Then it was decided how to format the columns in an excel price book; i.e. in what order to list the items, so that a template could be created. This template is available and has been available for several years, yet many are still not aware that it exists. This template is offered via the InfoComm website and is not mandatory or “required.” It’s simply a tool should a manufacture and reseller decide to use it. 

The intention was to create consistency from manufactures who wanted to offer a price list to integrators for easy automation with their internal systems. 

InfoComm has created a new data integrity utility for manufactures. All you need to do is simply extract the files to the location of your choice, select the EZip file you'd like to check for errors and in seconds you will find out if your file complies with the guidelines of the EZip format. 

You can now send your populated EZip file to the dealers you work with knowing that they can seamlessly and effortlessly integrate your pricing into their systems.

To download the InfoComm EZip Data Integrity Utility or more details on the InfoComm EZip format visit: