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An estimated 2 Billion people worldwide are affected by accessibility (reports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities). Providing helpful information for people considering your tours is one-way to broaden your business appeal. To do this, we recommend including an Accessibility Guide on your website and sharing it across your social media channels.

So what is an Accessibility Guide?

Accessibility Guides provide step-by-step information on how people with disabilities can use your services. Guides are often required to operate your business and provide crucial information to customers with special needs. An accessibility guide adds value to your business by covering the essential information needed for someone’s trip, covering the accessibility features you offer.

According to Euan’s Guide, “The Access Survey (2016)” 93% of users with a disability have tried to find information about a tourism venue before visiting. And Eurostat found that 63% of businesses that have prepared a guide do not promote this. By not sharing your guide online, you’ve missed an opportunity to communicate with potential customers. If no information is available, people may choose to go elsewhere.

By promoting accommodations that your company provides to people with access needs, you are helping raise the awareness of this under-served demographic. Making tourism accessible to all demonstrates the commitment that your organization makes to share experiences with all people, regardless of ability and age.

By promoting your accessible features and services, you will earn the respect and loyalty of individuals, groups, and communities of persons with needs. Your Accessibility Guide will demonstrate that everyone’s experience is better with your company than with less prepared tour operators. You will be sharing your experience with more people, and demonstrating that you care about breaking down barriers.

For tips, hints and even free programs to create your accessibility guide, search the internet for “Accessibility Guide” or click one of the following links for ideas, hints, and tips to ensure your business can promote Tourism For All:

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