Top Three Reasons to be Excited about New Update to ListenTALK

What do courtrooms, cultural attractions, college campuses, worship services, conference centers, manufacturing plants, events, and boardrooms have in common? They’re places where ListenTALK can help ensure everyone can hear clearly and share in the same experience – obliterating communication barriers like not speaking the same language or hearing loss. Now, ListenTALK—our award-winning mobile communication system—is even better.

The latest firmware update to the system adds new capabilities to ListenTALK. Here are the top three reasons to be excited about the latest update to ListenTALK.

Enhanced Radio Performance

The firmware update enables more simultaneous groups operating in the same space. In North America and Japan, 20 different ListenTALK groups can now occupy the same area. In Europe, that number is 30.

This group-number increase benefits groups for simultaneous language interpretation as well as large-scale training and tours. For example, 20 tour guides could lead separate groups within a museum or cultural attraction. Or in Europe, up to30 simultaneous language interpreters can use ListenTALK in one conference center or meeting room.

Enhanced Communication Performance

ListenTALK’s update also improves the user experience.

  • Conversation flow. Now up to three people can speak at the same time, instead of two.
  • New algorithm. The update keeps the most recent contributor to the conversation and bumps the person who’s contributed the least when a fourth speaker joins in.
  • Channel dedication. The system now has the option to dedicate a priority channel to a group subleader.

Interpreter Mode

Gone are the days when a simultaneous language interpreter needed two transceiver units or headsets. In the past, they needed one to hear the speaker and one to broadcast the interpretation to a group. Now, they can hear the person speaking, then transmit the interpretation using a single unit and headset. It also allows a group leader to take an entire group and connect to another presenter without repairing the whole group.

What if the interpreter doesn’t speak the presenter’s language? With ListenTALK 2.0 this is no problem! The interpreter simply pairs to another interpreter speaking a language they do understand to create a relay interpretation scenario with a single unit. It takes less than a minute to pair to a group with ListenTALK.

ListenTALK has been the trusted mobile communication system since 2017. Now, the latest firmware update provides more capabilities than ever, with enhanced radio and communication performance and interpreter mode.

Are you interested in learning more about ListenTALK? Contact our communication specialists to develop a customized solution for your business or venue that you can try risk-free so everyone can hear clearly and share the same great experience.

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Tourguide Pros Offer 14 Insider Tips for an Enticing Facility Tour

Key Points

• Guided tours of any kind function best when the tour provider offers a sound system that allows everyone to hear the narration clearly.
• Tour guides must be ultra familiar with their material and be willing to engage participants in an immersive way.
• Knowing the particulars of one’s audience is essential to a quality tour that’s geared for a particular demographic.

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3 Ways to Use ListenTALK in Your Facility

Key Points

  • Background noise can severely limit the amount of communication that takes place in an industrial setting.
  • ListenTALK systems provide a simple solution that will work in a variety of scenarios.
  • Effectively communicating to investors, executives, trainees, and others on facility tours can guide the safety of participants, provide a medium for clear communications, and ensure a good experience for all involved.
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Gates Corporation Chooses Listen Portable FM System

As the Gates Corporation’s main training facility in the U.S., the Gates Rubber factory, located in Siloam Springs, Ark., uses plant tours not only to introduce vendors and visitors to Gates’ “well-oiled” operations, but also to conduct employee training.


In a noble attempt to enable all guests to hear over the industrial machinery, tour guides and trainers toted around a microphone and small loudspeaker, requiring the use of both hands. This somewhat cumbersome solution worked well for those in the immediate vicinity of the guide, how­ever it still was unable to reach all of the listeners adequately.


Gates’ HSE Coordinator Bill Medley knows the value of ensuring good sound especially on the shop floor to not only ensure visitor safety, but also when teaching employees about safety. Medley was tasked with finding a more effective audio solution, and his search led him to Listen Technologies’ LS-08 15-Person Advanced Portable FM System.


The wireless LS-08 consists of 16 body packs: 1 transmitter and 15 receivers. All body packs come with the needed accessories (microphone, ear­phones, batteries, etc.) and fit into a convenient charging/carrying case. You can also add more receivers to the system if 15 isn’t enough, or if your needs grow in the future. The system features 57 frequencies to ensure users can always find a clear signal. The inpidual receivers have a chan­nel up/down and seek button, as well as access to the batteries, which are concealed behind a small lockable door, to prevent accidental adjustment, but which also allow easy access to the user.


Bill Medley, HSE Coordinator for the Gates factory noted, “The Listen system allows us to conduct trainings and factory tours in a noisy environment where everyone can clearly hear the speaker or trainer.” Since the Siloam Springs factory is one of the main training facilities, they frequently host guests from other Gates facilities as well as vendors. The visitors were so impressed with the clarity and ease-of-use of the Listen system that many of them have purchased systems for their own facilities.


Gates Corporation, which started out as a family business known as the Gates Rubber Company, has been inventing and manufac­turing various mechanical and rubber-based products for close to 100 years. In fact, they actually invented the V-shaped drive belt commonly found in automotive engines. In addition to a booming aftermarket business for serpentine belts, tensioner pulleys and other items related to the automotive indus­try, they are also an OEM supplier for several major automotive manufacturers, so they have several production facilities all across North America and other parts of the world.


“We’ve been very happy with the Listen system,” says Bill Medley. “It’s been trouble-free and when ever we’ve had any questions about the system, the Listen people have always been very responsive and friendly.”


School District Eliminates Disruptions At Meetings with Language Interpretation

While lively discussions may ensue in some PTA meetings, most are fairly routine and occur with little disruption. For the Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD), however, disturbances from language interpretation, which accommodates its large Chinese-speaking community, were becoming increasingly noticeable and problematic.

Director of Technology and Information Services Robert Leri reported that 65 percent of the population is ethnic Chinese, the majority of those speak Mandarin as their first language. While interpreters in the back of the room and parents did their best to be unobtrusive during meetings, it became evident that the district needed to find a better way to unite the parents linguistically, so they could continue to strengthen the education for the students.

Commitment to Outreach AUSD has already been doing a lot of community outreach to help all parents become involved with their children’s education. In addition to the language interpretation at PTA, booster, and other committee meetings, the district also offers community liaisons for ethnically perse families and free English classes to members of their community in an effort to help children more quickly acquire English skills.

Following suit, AUSD purchased a Listen Portable FM system to reduce disruptions from language interpretation, enabling them to continue providing the valuable service and conduct more efficient meetings.

Taking “Charge” of Interpretation the custom-designed system consists of three LT-700 Portable FM Transmitters with microphones, 50 LR-400 Portable FM Receivers with headphones, and convenient charging carrying cases. The charging cases were a major factor in AUSD’s selection of technology, according to Leri. “Other systems we looked at required a separate cord for each unit. That would have been a cord nightmare,” he said.

To facilitate quieter interpretation services and smoother meetings, an interpreter listens to the proceedings through the headphones of an LR-400 receiver set to one of its 57 channels. Then the interpreter speaks the interpretation into the microphone connected to the LT-700 transmitter set to a separate channel, which broadcasts a clear RF signal out a radius of 150 feet.


Listeners, equipped with the body pack receivers, hear through the headphones. Each unit has inpidual volume control so even guests who may be hearing impaired can listen to the interpretation clearly.


“This system really addresses the needs of the parents, so all of then can understand and participate in their children’s education,” Leri said. The district also intends to use this portable language interpretation system with its bilingual advisory committee, other parent groups, and possibly with students.

Tour Guides Serve Up Satisfaction On Food Processing Plant Tours

As an experienced industrial tour guide, Robert Sapien has been taking advantage of tour group communication technology for a number of years. The first system he used worked pretty well at blocking out the din of noisy machinery on the plant floor. However, its clunky design and flimsy nature was undesirable and quickly wore out.
Sapien, who is the administrative assistant for Fresh Express’ flagship plant, tried a second system for his tours. Unfortunately, the system was ineffective with the industrial-strength noise in this exemplary salad processing plant in Salinas, Calif. Sapien reported that the noise-canceling quality was so poor that even with the sound equipment on, he had to shout to be heard. This limitation also meant he could take fewer guests on a single tour because everyone had to be within “shouting range.”
Using his experience with other systems, Sapien knew what he needed, and kept his eyes open for several years to find the right product. While browsing through a catalog from Hello Direct Inc., Sapien found an ideal solution: a Listen Technologies’ Tour Group System. Not only did the features listed in the catalog match his needs, but the free 30-day demonstration of the Listen prod­ucts also would enable him to ensure the product could handle the noisy salad processing environment before he spent any money.
Sapien reported that the demonstration went really well. They made the switch to the Listen LS-07 15-Person Portable FM System, and now his visitors, sales director, and his vocal chords are thanking him for it.
The system Sapien uses includes a portable trans­mitter and 15 portable body pack receivers. Their system also features a noise-canceling microphone that expertly eliminates background noise from the loud machinery on the plant floor.
“We conduct about 60 tours each year, and we get tons of compliments on the quality of the tour. First, the presentations are good and second, they can clearly hear what is being said through their headphones,” Sapien said. “Providing tours period has such a great impact on our customers.”
In addition to great tours, Sapien explained that using Listen’s equipment is another way to convey the plant’s commitment to top quality, an integral element of the Fresh Express brand. The excellent tour experience reinforces the value of the company, its prod­ucts and its professionalism to its clients.
“Using Listen’s tour group system makes it much easier for me to convey the important selling points to customers,” Sapien said. “It’s much more easy and comfortable for the visitors to hear the message clearly.”
From experience, Sapien knows how to serve up satisfaction on his plant tours. Listen-ing.

Trojan Horse Training Uses Wireless Listening Solution

It’s another hot weekend that finds ten students of Las Vegas-based Trojan Horse Training dressed in smart jodhpur trousers and show jackets, and competing in jumping and dressage* events with their equine companions. In the warm-up arena, a handful of trainers busily chase and call out final instructions to their dozens of students competing that day. The result is little more than a shouting match – each instructor trying to get the attention of his or her riders and communicate the corrective actions.
For expert trainer Gina Tatom, who sits outside the arena, her instructions pierce through the chaos to her students with crystal clear reception. Tatom uses a portable wireless audio system from Listen Technologies to train and coach more effectively.
Tatom first saw wireless audio technology being used by internationally acclaimed training moguls Pat and Linda Parelli. She immediately recognized how audio technology could aid her training program and started an extensive search for an affordable system that could withstand the rigors of her business, which spans from horse breaking and problem behaviors to show jumping.
“When working with some of these more challenging horses, there can be a lot of bumps, especialy if a rider falls off,” Tatom explained. “I needed a product that could withstand that kind of jolting.”
After passing up expensive professional systems and flimsy residential systems from the local electronics store, Tatom tried a Listen Portable FM System by taking advantage of the manufacturer’s free 30-day demo program. Between her private lessons and weekend shows, she put the Listen system through the wringer ensuring it could hold up to the demands of equine arts. Listen gave a blue-ribbon performance and the lifetime warranty gave her the additional assurance that she would always have functioning equipment should something go wrong.
Her satisfaction met, she purchased her own Listen Portable FM System which includes one LT-700 Portable FM Transmitter and four LR-400 Portable FM Receivers. The body pack styling enables the users to clip the units to their belts, allowing free movement for both the coach and the student. Tatom wears thetransmitter, which is equipped with a headworn microphone, and the students tune in with their receivers and headphones.
“The Listen system is great! I love having it,” said Tatom, whose passion and drive have earned her a reputation of never-ending energy. “My work is not as exhausting now because I can coach while sitting in the shade outside the arena instead of following my riders around. Plus, I don’t have to shout anymore.” Tatom further explained that in windy conditions especially, it’s difficult to hear a trainer even if she’s shouting.
The Listen system is particularly effective in those warm-up arenas with all her students wearing the receivers. “I can call out the name of the student, easily get his or her attention, and give instructions in a normal voice. The students have commented that this really helps them stay calm, which is so important when competing.”
From the trainer’s perspective, Tatom reports that her students are able to learn more quickly during their lessons because they can hear well. They save time because there’s no need to repeat instructions. To top it all off, her clients get more value for their money because the audio technology allows them to make the best use of their training time.
Thanks to the solid performance of Listen’s Portable FM System, Gina Tatom gets all-around winning results with her students at Trojan Horse Training.
*Dressage (pronounced dreh SAHZH) is the guiding of a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by slight move­ments of the rider’s hands, legs, and weight.
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