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Radio Frequency

Walnut Street Baptist Church Facilitates Community and Connection with ListenRF

Walnut Street parishioners love the new ListenRF 72 MHz system for its crystal clear audio, the small and simple receivers, and the way it’s allowing them to connect with their family and community. The use of the system for interpretation means that grandparents, parents, and children can attend church services together in their community and all hear the same message – without language being a barrier to their connection.

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Lightpole with hanging flower basket

Great Falls Improves Downtown With Wireless Audio

As a time-honored summer tradition, the Great Falls Business Improvement District (B.I.D.), auto dealer Bennett Motors, and KLFM 92.9 oldies radio sponsor Cruisin’ the Drag, a popular classic auto show. The show spans about nine blocks right in the heart of downtown Great Falls on Central Avenue. It features classic restored automobiles on display from all over the nation. The event, which has steadily grown from 300 – 600+ cars in its 4-year history, drew about 9000 people in 2004. This one-day event, like many others in the area, brings much needed business the downtown shops and eateries.

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Instruction Without Interruption

Lehman College’s Speech and Hearing Center of Bronx, NY, recently received a most remarkable renovation. What was once a small collection of speech therapy rooms and two-way mirrors is now one of the most high-tech speech pathology labs in the U.S. The innovative technology that the college brought on board is having an important impact on instructors, students, and patients.

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Professional business woman standing at a pulpit

Listen Helps Give Lawyers The Edge In Trial Prep

Instant Video Replay is a company that facilitates training and focus group research for law firms and other organizations. The firm is often called upon to organize “mock trials” for lawyers. Mock trials give lawyers the benefit of watching and listening to jury deliberations, which are closed in actual trials. This gives them an understanding of the thought process used by jurors in reaching decisions. Instant Video Replay sets up focus group or “mock-jury” so lawyers can practice their technique outside the courtroom. When the “jury” goes to deliberate, the lawyers can watch the discussion on closed circuit television. Instant Video Replay often has several juries for each mock trial, thereby giving a law firm feedback from multiple groups rather than a single panel.

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Historic City Hall Building

Wireless Audio Distribution System Brings Ambiance to Historic Downtown

Located just a 35-minute drive or short train ride from downtown Chicago, The Village of Tinley Park is a community that has worked hard to attract prime business and hospitality industry development for the benefit of its residents and business owners.  In addition, village officials have partnered with the business community to revitalize its historic downtown, developing carefully planned incentives to encourage new construction and façade improvements. The construction of an architecturally outstanding train station and an inviting town square has made Tinley Park a popular venue for numerous community activities, attracting visitors from the entire area.

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