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The inside of a funeral home

Providing Sound In Historical Funeral Home

Sound Advice of Lafayette, Indiana, was recently faced with a rather formidable challenge. The Butler Funeral Home in Rockville, Indiana, contacted Rodney J. Cowden and Michael J. Howe to help upgrade their sound system. Ordinarily, this is an easy task for the custom installation company, however Cowden and Howe discovered that this particular funeral home was in a converted mid 1800’s Victorian two-story mansion.

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Animated person holding a puzzle piece, standing across a bridge made of puzzle pieces leading to a platform that says goal

What I’ve Learned about Goals and Objectives

Between running Gentner Communications (now ClearOne) and Listen Technologies, I’ve racked up over 30 years of organizational management. One of the most powerful concepts I’ve learned in these years is to align goals, objectives and assignments. I thought it might be helpful to pass along a little of what I’ve learned.

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Man speaking to group of people in a classroom

Sound Amplification Basics

Sound amplification needs to not only make sounds louder but more intelligible. A loud overhead sound system that no one can understand has no value. The effect of quality sound amplification for presentations and trainings is significant.  Studies have shown that sound amplification in small- to medium size rooms can increase people’s retention by as much as 30%.

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Women In AV – Let’s Get Educated

There are many stats (and opinions) about why so few women have careers in technology and young girls are not encouraged in school to pursue math and science. It’s encouraging to see people looking for ways to make a difference and talking about the problem, but I’d like to see more dialogue focused on what the solution to change is and how we can all work to implement it.

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An abstract art image of different nations flags including the USA and China

Collaboration Is Key for SMBs Entering Emerging Markets

Every day, the world seems to get smaller. Technology is connecting even the most remote corners of the globe, providing access to markets that were previously inaccessible and creating new business opportunities. At first, participation in the global marketplace was limited to large, Fortune 500 companies. But, that is quickly changing.

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