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Group of students listening to one women speaking to the group.

Communication and Hearing Loss

One of the biggest components of good communication is understanding. If either participant in a conversation isn’t fully understood, then good communication isn’t happening. Making certain that both participants are being heard clearly is particularly important when hearing loss is a concern.

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Unified Communications Infographic of different communication channels

Why Does UC Matter To Tech Managers?

So what exactly is “Unified Communications, “what’s all the buzz about and how will this affect the audiovisual industry?  All good questions – and hopefully I can provide you with some insight to the answers for each.

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Group of people listening to a presentation

Great Presentation. Too Bad The Audience Only Got 85% Of It.

Last Wednesday I went to what is called “Enrichment Night” at Entrada, a club I belong to.  As the presentation began, the wireless microphone that was used to project the presenter’s voice stopped working.  The presenter continued without the microphone.  A few minutes later, a new working microphone appeared. The presenter not wanting to be bothered with the wireless microphone asked the participants if they could hear her okay. Obviously, the answer was “yes”.  She continued the hour long presentation.

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What is Remote Language Interpretation?

Events that require language interpretation are often challenged by time requirements, space limitations, physical location of equipment and interpreters, and the need to link different locations together. The ability to perform remote language interpretation is a solution to these challenges. Here are a few examples of the applications that require it:

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