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Accessibility and Inclusion

Rochester Institute of Technology - brown brick multi-story building

Rochester Institute of Technology: Accommodating All Hearing Abilities

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is home to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), the first and largest specialty college of its kind. Since first accepting deaf and hard of hearing students in 1968, NTID continues to provide outstanding technical and professional education programs, while supporting deaf and hard of hearing students with a wide variety of services, from dispensing hearing devices and providing interpreters to assigning note-takers and installing group audio systems.

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Two presenters inside a conference room presenting to a group.

Step Up For People With Hearing Loss

On Saturday I attended the Kickoff Event for the Salt Lake City Walk4Hearing™ and I am so glad I did. The Walk4Hearing is the Hearing Loss Association of America’s largest awareness and fundraising event held in cities across the United States.

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Close-up photo of Rodney Clark "Hot Rod" Hundley with a big smile and wearing a long-sleeved soft yellow button-down dress shirt, his wire frame oval shaped glasses, and a headset with a microphone

See With Your Ears Using Audio Description

I have fond memories of listening to “Hot Rod” Hundley calling the play-by-play for the Utah Jazz. It used to be that not many Utah Jazz games were televised and you were forced to rely on the audio description provided by Hot Rod on the radio. In many ways, the audio description of the event was even better than being there live. Hot Rod had some interesting and unforgettable terms like “Leapin’ leaner”; “Hippity-hop” and “Good if it goes!” I’d almost call that “high definition” play-by-play.

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Man sitting using assistive listening device

Tax Incentives for Improving Accessibility

April 15 – tax day in the United States – don’t we all look forward to it? While there is a sense of relief about getting our tax returns done each year it’s not too soon to start thinking about preparations and considerations for next year’s tax season.

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