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Sound Advice of Lafayette, Indiana, was recently faced with a rather formidable challenge. The Butler Funeral Home in Rockville, Indiana, contacted Rodney J. Cowden and Michael J. Howe to help upgrade their sound system. Ordinarily, this is an easy task for the custom installation company, however Cowden and Howe discovered that this particular funeral home was in a converted mid 1800’s Victorian two-story mansion.
It boasted “tornado-proof” solid brick walls at least 18” thick. To make matters worse (from an installation standpoint) the owner had waited until remodeling of the structure was almost completed. Final paint, wallpaper and carpet were already in place. Cutting wire channels in the plaster was not an option; neither was surface mounted raceways. It was decided that a wireless audio system would be the best method of sound delivery, but the system would need to be utterly reliable, totally interference free, capable of adequate SPL [sound pressure level], not visually objectionable, and user friendly to operate.
Enter Listen Technologies Corp. With the help of Ken Voss (Online Marketing), Sound Advice received a demo unit in their shop for some rigorous testing. Cowden, Howe and their team’s initial tests of the product showed it to be interference free. They were also impressed with the knowledge that if there was a frequency noise problem at the funeral home, they could simply change the units to one of the other 57 available channels. In fact, they were so thrilled with the in-shop demo that they made a 1 ? hour trip to the funeral home with the product to show it off.
Sound coverage at Butler was excellent. And just as important, the owner liked the appearance of the products. Like many of Sound Advice’s clients, Butler Trustee Rodger Davies was initially very concerned with how the system would visually impact the surrounding environment; nevertheless, Davies placed his trust in Sound Advice to handle the aesthetics and to make sure the system performed.
Impressed by the demo, ten LR-600 Wireless Speaker / Receivers, one LT-800 Stationary Transmitter, two LA-316 Expansion Speakers and an LA-122 Universal Antenna Kit was ordered and installed with the Butler Funeral Homeis Yamaha tuner and a Superscope PAC750 combination cassette/CD and mixer. An Audio- Technica UHF wireless handheld microphone and lavaliere and Hammond organ were also connected to the mixer. The output of the Superscope PAC750 is fed to the input of the LT- 800 transmitter.
The LR-600 Wireless Speaker / Receivers were strategically placed throughout both stories of the funeral home and in a nearby unattached garage. With only minor adjustments for tone and volume made, the overall performance of the entire system proved to be exceptional, with no glitches. One of the LA-316 Expansion Speakers was placed on the front porch, the other on the rear porch – areas that are occasionally used for overflow with large funerals.
“This particular installation could not have been accomplished without Listen’s exceptional products,” said Cowden. Sound Advice, Inc. is a custom installation company offering many services, including custom design, installation and integration of music and video distribution, system automation, home theatre lighting, furniture and equipment, HDTV, DSS satellite, phone systems, networking, security and commercial sound. Sound Advice has enjoyed more than 13 years of business and has developed close working relationships with many local builders and cabinet-makers. Though small, their staff has close to 100 years of collectiveexpertise helping clients through the process of aesthetically integrating audio and video into their home or business in a user-friendly fashion, something especially important with the new technologies that are available but are frequently misunderstood. Listen designs and manufactures wireless devices to help people hear better. Originally primarily known for assistive listening devices for the hard-of-hearing, Listen products are now used around the world for language interpretation, tour guide systems and sound field applications.
Listen’s transmitters send a clear, clean audio signal to individual receivers equipped with earphones. Or for sound field applications, Listen has multiple stationary receiver products to meet the needs of end-users. Listen is dedicated to providing products to help people hear and understand, and thereby have their lives enriched. For details on Listen products, visit https://www.listentech.com on the web. Or for more information about Sound Advice, Inc. go to http://www.soundadviceinc.com
This blog post has been re-purposed from a “Listen User Profile” of actual Listen customers detailing their experience with Listen Solutions.
Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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