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Empty classroom showing desks, chairs, a bright window with the shade partially down, fluorescent lighting, AV cameras and projectors installed on the ceiling and the wall, a long chalkboard, and a teaching pulpit.

AV Planning For The Classroom

Planning a new classroom, whether it be a tiered 65 person classroom with fixed seating, a flat floor space with movable furniture to accommodate 35 students, or any other configuration need not be difficult at all, if you can define the appropriate room characteristics. 

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Wireless Audio Distribution For Campbell County High School

Campbell County High School, home of the Campbell County Camels installed a new track and field this year and needed to get audio to the far side of their stadium. The problem was that they did not trench for this consideration and no one wanted to dig up their brand new track. They came to Larry Crawford, Account Engineer with 5280 Digital with this challenge. Fortunately, Larry already had several successful installs under his belt with Listen Technologies and had understood how to use Listen for “Wireless Audio Distribution.”

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