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Man speaking to group of people in a classroom

Sound Amplification Basics

Sound amplification needs to not only make sounds louder but more intelligible. A loud overhead sound system that no one can understand has no value. The effect of quality sound amplification for presentations and trainings is significant.  Studies have shown that sound amplification in small- to medium size rooms can increase people’s retention by as much as 30%.

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Yellow smiley face

Pursuing Happiness in 2012

For many of us celebrating New Years is about the opportunity to start fresh and consider how the year ahead can be different. For me a part of considering what lays ahead is pursuing what makes me happy. Even the greeting “Happy New Year” suggests that happiness should be the priority.

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Someone holding new ear buds that protect your ears with balloons

New Ear Buds Protect Your Delicate Ears With Balloons

The popularity of ear bud headphones has exploded in recent years, in part because of the better sound they are said to deliver, their easy compatibility with hats and hairstyles, and in no small part from their association with a certain iconic portable music player. But while functional, and some claim comfortable, ear buds don’t really play nice with the structure of our ears. In fact, they may be hurting us.

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Women In AV – Let’s Get Educated

There are many stats (and opinions) about why so few women have careers in technology and young girls are not encouraged in school to pursue math and science. It’s encouraging to see people looking for ways to make a difference and talking about the problem, but I’d like to see more dialogue focused on what the solution to change is and how we can all work to implement it.

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Illustration of people using puzzle pieces to build a bridge to a platform that says success

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

Why have you been so successful in reaching some of your goals, but not others? If you aren’t sure, you are far from alone in your confusion. It turns out that even brilliant, highly accomplished people are pretty lousy when it comes to understanding why they succeed or fail.

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Classroom view from a students perspective with a teacher/presenter at the front of the classroom with a screen projector displayed

Classroom / Distance Learning Mash-Up Aids Student Performance

In many circles Distance Learning is seen as an alternative to Classroom Instruction. Distance learning certainly addresses some of the limitations of classroom instruction, in particular the barriers of “at this time and in this place.” Distance learning can eliminate one or both, but not without its own costs.

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Large classroom, well lit, with tables and chairs in rows, three large video monitors at the front of the room.

How To Create Great AV Learning Spaces

Designing and implementing successful AV facilities requires the collaborative effort of a number of participants with varied interests, backgrounds, skills, and agendas. For the purposes of this discussion, assume that an institution desires to build a new classroom building comprising a variety of learning space types. 

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