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Hearing Loss Advocacy

Group of smiling teenagers wearing backpacks and holding school supplies

Hearing Loss Is Happening To Teens Too

The American Medical Association reported in August of this year that hearing loss in teens is on the rise. One in five teens is showing some degree of hearing loss according to a new study.  This is about 30% from previous reports. With all the education and all the resources available, this is disheartening news. 

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Room with long rectangular tables and green classroom-style chairs behind them with a podium at the front of the room.

The Battle For Better Hearing

It is a common misnomer that adding audio to a room will make others in the room hear “better”. While the sound pressure level (SPL) is increased, it does not necessarily make the audio more intelligible especially the human voice and a live microphone. In the past few years, companies have invested heavily in research and development to make the learning environment audibly better. Often times, the nemesis of an intelligible environment are feedback and reverberation. I want to touch on a few items of focus that will make the audio learning experience more enjoyable and give you a few challenges/techniques for improving intelligibility within your room.

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An Audio Guy Gets A Hearing Aid

I admit it, I never had my hearing checked until a few weeks ago.  That’s kinda ironic for a guy who provides assistive listening solutions!  It wasn’t a surprise to me that I have significant hearing loss in my left ear and some age related hearing loss on my right side.  Like most people, I wasn’t that interested in using hearing aids.  My “perception” was that they are for “old” people.  Of course, now that I’m 55 years old, my definition of “old” keeps changing….  None the less, it’s just not that exciting to think about wearing hearing aids.

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Two presenters inside a conference room presenting to a group.

Step Up For People With Hearing Loss

On Saturday I attended the Kickoff Event for the Salt Lake City Walk4Hearing™ and I am so glad I did. The Walk4Hearing is the Hearing Loss Association of America’s largest awareness and fundraising event held in cities across the United States.

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Man sitting using assistive listening device

Tax Incentives for Improving Accessibility

April 15 – tax day in the United States – don’t we all look forward to it? While there is a sense of relief about getting our tax returns done each year it’s not too soon to start thinking about preparations and considerations for next year’s tax season.

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