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Hearing Loss Advocacy

Instruction Without Interruption

Lehman College’s Speech and Hearing Center of Bronx, NY, recently received a most remarkable renovation. What was once a small collection of speech therapy rooms and two-way mirrors is now one of the most high-tech speech pathology labs in the U.S. The innovative technology that the college brought on board is having an important impact on instructors, students, and patients.

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Rochester Institute of Technology - brown brick multi-story building

Rochester Institute of Technology: Accommodating All Hearing Abilities

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is home to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), the first and largest specialty college of its kind. Since first accepting deaf and hard of hearing students in 1968, NTID continues to provide outstanding technical and professional education programs, while supporting deaf and hard of hearing students with a wide variety of services, from dispensing hearing devices and providing interpreters to assigning note-takers and installing group audio systems.

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Hearing Aids May Help Decrease Brain Atrophy in Older Adults

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania shows that declines in hearing ability may accelerate gray matter atrophy in auditory areas of the brain and increase the listening effort necessary for older adults to successfully comprehend speech. However, a hearing aid may help decrease the atrophy, as well as help hearing ability.

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The Facts About Hearing Loss

On Saturday, October 15 the Listen Trek Team will participate in the Salt Lake Walk4Hearing. It’s a great event that does so much to serve those with hearing loss. More importantly it’s an important opportunity to be a part of eradicating the stigma associated with hearing loss and helping to raise public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment, and regular screenings throughout life.

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Hearing Loss after a Soundman’s Biggest Nightmare.

There has been a sort of intriguing dichotomous relationship between our hearing “test gear” and our other “test gear”…you know, the stuff that says TEF and HP and Tek on it.  There is perhaps a greater dichotomy between those two, together, and the modeling software that’s supposed to make it possible for our hearing apparatus to do its job most proficiently in a way that relates to the outer world.

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