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Animated person holding a puzzle piece, standing across a bridge made of puzzle pieces leading to a platform that says goal

What I’ve Learned about Goals and Objectives

Between running Gentner Communications (now ClearOne) and Listen Technologies, I’ve racked up over 30 years of organizational management. One of the most powerful concepts I’ve learned in these years is to align goals, objectives and assignments. I thought it might be helpful to pass along a little of what I’ve learned.

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A woman in a black sleeveless dress standing on a staircase with elaborate iron work is speaking into a microphone to a group of people using headphones

Helpful Hints On Leading A Guided Tour

Guided tours are an important method of communication. Whether it is a tour of a museum, factory, campus, or an outside tour of an historical site, zoo, or outdoor experience; giving the background and story is an important skill for anyone wishing to deliver the best tour possible. 

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Conference room with 2 people there and 6 people shown meeting virtually through a screen

AV for Safety and Savings

We’ve all seen on television and in movies those high-tech board rooms and control rooms with people who, despite being located worlds apart, appear to be in the same room. We’ve seen lights dimmed and videos start with the touch of a single button, large presentation boards that reveal information when lecturers drag their index fingers across, and we’ve seen people passing files, and even videos, back and forth between computers and to and from cell phones.

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Man sitting using assistive listening device

Tax Incentives for Improving Accessibility

April 15 – tax day in the United States – don’t we all look forward to it? While there is a sense of relief about getting our tax returns done each year it’s not too soon to start thinking about preparations and considerations for next year’s tax season.

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Screenshot of the Listen Technologies' Facebook Profile Page

How To Market Your Business With Facebook

Really? Can a business sccessfully use Facebook to grow and communicate? On this blog site we had a previous conversation about social media and its impact to our society. In the post The Fad of Social Media, some truly amazing data is presented to support the notion that social media, and yes even Facebook, are serious tools to help get the word out to existing and potential customers. Take a look at this article in the New York Times: How To Market Your Business with FaceBook.Here are some key points from the article:

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Limiting Transmission Range

Listen Technologies recommends transmitting no more than six (6) simultaneous FM channels on 72 MHz and three (3) simultaneous FM channels using the 216 MHz frequency band, in the general vicinity of each other. However, there are some projects (educational facilities or large buildings) where more frequencies are required in a large area, but not all in the same room. For example, some educational facilities may have classrooms scattered over a large building. If transmitters are placed in each of these rooms, the frequencies may have interference if they are placed too close to each other.

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Smiling employee handing a woman an assistive listening device

Using An ALD Is Easy

Many of us have been a part of the evolution of listening to music via boom boxes, walkmans, MP3 players, iPods and cell phones. What’s cool about these kinds of devices is that we hear the music up close and personal. Using an assistive listening device is just as simple as using these devices. But, where an ALD differs from such devices is that it can be the reason you fully experience the moment in a theater, house of worship, classroom, board room, or stadium.

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