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When you first begin offering audio tours, most people jump right in, often just buying a system, writing a script, and not thinking about the big picture. But one of the keys to a successful project is in your tours’ content integration; that is, how the equipment and content blends together to create an inspirational experience.

This is where we come in. Our company has a deep understanding of the importance of technology, experience, and content. We bridge the gap between the application of technology and its creative content so you have a well-tailored fit.

If you’ve participated in the creation of a tour, you understand the importance of script writing, sound production and of time and place. If you haven’t created a tour, there are a variety of situations we plan for.

No Tour is Exactly the Same

To begin creating engaging audio content, you need an experienced scriptwriter and integration manager to lead you through the process of creating tours, regardless of the technical platform. While we have a creative process, what we create for you is not formulaic in any way. Since every site is highly unique, it’s very important to us that we create the best possible visitor experience for your specific site.

Whether you’re planning to produce your tours in one or many languages, visitor and passenger experience is at the heart of everything we do. This means bringing your stories, objects, exhibits and destinations to life and to create experiences that blend content and technology in more engaging, memorable ways.

For your commentary to be truly captivating, it has to be well integrated into your chosen technical platform. Without proper content integration, your method of delivery could be detracting from the guest experience.

When working on museums or cultural and historic sites, we consider the space and location of visitors, what they see, how the interact, and how your tours impact visitor flow. With sightseeing companies, we consider routes, traffic patterns and safety.

This is a collaborative process where we can answer your questions regarding the integration of your commentary. We’re responsible for when, where, how, and why content is delivered to your guests at a specific time and place. Whether your audience is in a museum, on a boat, or at home in a living room, we create content that expands beyond the scope of the physical institution; beyond collections, routes and apps.

Integrating Content Requires Well Defined Plan

That’s why content integration requires a well-focused, well-defined plan of how your tours fit into the world. With such a wide range of possibilities, it’s important to us that we bring out your unique voice in a memorable way, where technology and creativity mix together to create fun and entertaining experiences.

You have amazing stories to share, and we create engaging content that includes integration expertise with a clear purpose: to provide more engaging and participatory visitor experiences.

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