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One of the events centered around AV Week last week was an essay contest held by Listen Technologies for children of employees ages 4 – 18 to build awareness about the AV industry their parent is involved in.
The rules of the essay contest were to submit an essay or short paragraph on the subject of music or audio, what it meant to the young authors, and why they thought they should win the prize from Listen.
What was the prize? An amazing Fender Electric Guitar, including a case, small amplifier, and other cool accessories! If that doesn’t celebrate the AV industry I don’t know what does! It’s no wonder we had some amazing submissions from our Listen kids.

Here are a few excerpts from our favorites:

Braden Keele
“My mom tells me a story about when I was 1, I saw my uncle playing the guitar and I really wanted one. For my 2nd birthday I got a toy red guitar but it broke.” Click here to read the rest of Braden’s essay.
Lauren Peterson
“I want the guitar because I like music and I want to learn music. I want to be a good guitar player and if I do get the guitar I will learn how to play and teach people.” Click here to read the rest of Lauren’s essay.
Lexi Peterson
“When I feel sad or I don’t want to think about something, I listen to music and it helps me forget and makes me feel happy.” Click here to read the rest of Lexi’s essay.
And our winner…Andy Bathurst

“Music for me is a way to touch lives and make people inspired…” To read the rest of Andy’s essay, click here.
Rock on, Andy! Thank you for writing such an inspiring essay. We’re glad you decided to help us celebrate AV Week and we hope you enjoy your new guitar.
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