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Audio streaming over Wi-Fi is the listening solution you need, whether your venue is a bar, house of worship, restaurant, airport, or large arena. So if you’re looking for the right streaming system, look no further than Listen EVERYWHERE.

Listen EVERYWHERE offers distinct advantages to venues and users. It’s easy to set up. All you need to do is plug it into your existing audio source and connect it to your existing Wi-Fi. Our app is completely customizable so you can add logos, links and more. Once you’re set up, your customers, guests, or parishioners only need to download a free app to their iOS or Android device. Then they choose the audio they want to hear. Plus, our complete solutions are affordable, starting at less than $800.

We have more reasons to love Listen EVERYWHERE.

Low latency (aka no lip sync issues)

Have you ever tried watching a video, live performance, or sermon with out-of-sync audio? It’s frustrating, and viewers quickly lose interest. That’s why we built ultra-low-latency into Listen EVERYWHERE. When the sound matches what people see, they pay more attention and connect with the message. They also retain the information more easily and are more likely to want to stay in their seats—whether the seat is in a bar or house of worship.


People want to choose what they watch and hear. In a venue, though, people often only get one audio choice because otherwise, the noise would be overwhelming. Imagine 10 TVs broadcasting audio at the same time in a gym, or the sound of five football games playing in a crowded sports bar. That’s where Listen EVERYWHERE steps in. With a 16-channel capacity, customers can pick their audio-streaming source, whether it’s a language interpretation in a house of worship or a football game in a sports bar.

Patrons also can choose how they listen. That’s because they use their own headphones, earbuds or headsets. That means they can go all in with the audio, or use one earbud so they can still socialize.

Works everywhere

There’s no limit to where Listen EVERYWHERE works. If there’s an audio source (even just a TV) and Wi-Fi, you can use Listen EVERYWHERE. Airports can broadcast information that’s streaming across screens or sound from TVs in VIP lounges and at gates. At sports bars, restaurants or other public venues, patrons can use the audio streaming over Wi-Fi to hear their game of choice or binge on their favorite TV show while out. At home, broadcast the audio to your iOS or Android so you can hear everything clearly without having to turn up the sound. In houses of worship, transmit different languages and send sound to cry rooms and overflow areas. The only limit is your Wi-Fi signal.

Make Money

First of all, when your customers are happy, they stay and spend more money. Clear audio streaming over Wi-Fi without lip sync issues results in happier patrons, so Listen EVERYWHERE helps your bottom line there. It also provides even more money-making opportunities. In the customizable app, you can add 5-second ads, labels for TV channels, text banners, and custom sliding banners. You can use that space to advertise your venue. Or you can sell it to your affiliates and vendors, to promote their products or services.


Whether your venue is a church or a bar, chances are you’ve got a way to make announcements—a cork board on the wall, social media, newsletters via email or snail mail, or reminders at the end of a service. With the customizable Listen EVERYWHERE app, you can use banner space to make those announcements or include social media links and website. Best of all, it’s up to you what you communicate and how you use the app space.

Assistive Listening

Listen EVERYWHERE does not meet regulations in the Americans with Disabilities Act or International Building Code. However, it does provide hearing help via audio streaming to people with hearing loss, which may be up to 20 percent of your patrons or parishioners. Also, because Listen EVERYWHERE comes from Listen Technologies, you can get an affordable all-inclusive listening package, with Listen EVERYWHERE and an IBC- and ADA-compliant solution with RF or IR technology.

Listen EVERYWHERE gives your patrons and parishioners streaming audio choices without lip sync issues. It also has clear-cut advantages for any venue, with a customizable app that includes ad and announcement spaces and options for assistive listening.

If you’re ready to make your customers or guests happier with the best streaming audio solution, check out our website for more information or contact us today!

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