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House of Worship

Man speaking to congregation in a church setting

Beyond The Sanctuary with Listen Audio Solutions

Have you ever had need for audio in an area of your church, but have no solutions on how to get it there? Do your patrons complain that the current audio system is unintelligible or too quiet? How have you maximized the experience of your congregants who do not speak the language of the sermon? Our worship houses are growing larger and becoming more complex. Many have audio needs in preexisting buildings where wiring cannot be run. Here are some great ideas about how to use wireless FM audio to meet your congregation’s needs.

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Soundboard equipment overlooking house of worship sanctuary with lights on but no audience

How Loud Is Loud Enough?

The battle is almost as old as the church sound system.  It has always baffled me that the pipe organ can be played at 100dB, but that when the band plays at 100dB, it’s often “too loud.”  We’re not here today to define how loud is “loud enough” or “too loud” for the acoustic volume of your worship service, but to help figure out how much difference there should be between what your congregation hears from the main sound system and what the congregation hears from the monitor speakers, instruments, and amplifiers on the platform, in order to hear the sound system with acceptable clarity.

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Two smiling people using headphones and assistive listening devices during a church service

Audio Opportunities for Houses of Worship

The economy has been the topic of news media for the past few years and I for one am tired of hearing about it. Many areas of the country might even be faced with economic problems for years to come; so some of us will need to get used to it. My firm does a fair amount of work with my friends at churches and I thought I might put to paper some of the things that have been going on.

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young man with short, brown hair working at a desk writing on paper looking at an assistive listening receiver with a universal ear speaker over one ear

Grants for Assistive Listening Devices

More than 30 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, according to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Hearing aids and other assistive listening technology such as FM assistive listening systems, audio looping in public venues and churches, closed-caption devices and TTY-devices for telephones, allow individuals with hearing disabilities to lead independent lives. A number of private and nonprofit organizations offer grants for a variety of assistive listening devices and outreach services for those with hearing loss.

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